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Use of sites and apps for sailing

Hi Guys Please I need your help. I have created a form to enquire how many of our members are using websites for sailing. Everybody must answer, even those who don't use the websites. It takes 10 seconds to answer, or even less. Many thanks for your help. Please help me to answer this question and go to the link:


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Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year

Hi Guys 2023 was a year where I put a lot of effort into making the, a platform that sailors can trust and use to reduce the risks during the passage in orca waters. I always tried to use a

How do I know it is an orca ?

Please check in website the section orca identification. We will put some information about how to know it is an orca and not a dolphin or pilot whale, for example. Check our YouTube also whe

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