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Dr Renauld de Stephanis (circe) and Rui Alves ( honoured with Ocean Award

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Cuxhaven, Germany.

On 18 November, Dr Renaud de Stephanis ( circe ) and Rui Alves ( ) were awarded the prestigious Ocean Award at the annual Trans-Ocean e.V. ceremony.

The laudatory speech emphasised that, from the point of view of the award committee, the achievements of the two prizewinners in providing the sailing world with up-to-date information on the whereabouts and migration of Iberian orcas were highly commended.

Dr. Renaud de Stephanis and his team have collected the necessary data as part of their scientific work and gained new insights into the behaviour of the orcas.

Rui Alves and have provided the platform to publicise the findings for the sailing world in near real-time. Special mention was made of the fact that the ongoing support provided to the sailors by the two is entirely voluntary.

The awarding organisation, the internationally active Trans-Ocean e.V., is the largest German blue water association with 4,700 members from more than 30 nations. The internationally recognised Ocean Award has been introduced in 2016. Award winners include Jimmy Cornell, Perrin Towler and Mark Fishwick (Reed's Nautical Almanac), Morton Brandt-Rasmussen and German sailing legend Bobby Schenk. For those interested:

Laudatory speech - click here Livestream of the Trans-Ocean festive event: click here the beginning of the laudatory speech for the Ocean Award at 1:36:05

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