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Emergency procedure by the Portuguese Authorities (AMN )

ANAVNET provides the current coastal warnings from the Portuguese coast and maritime ports - Hydrographic Institute

Data from the Buoys Network collected by Hydrographic Institute - Portuguese Navy

Weather Forecant for the sailing - Hydrographic Institute - Portuguese Navy

List and Maps of the open and closed ports (Portuguese Navy)

The FollowMe@Sea platform operates within the purview of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center in Lisbon, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This service enables recreational sailors as well as the fishing vessel community, under 12 meters, which intend to perform coastal or transatlantic navigations, the ability to be monitored by MRCC during transit. This monitoring allows, on a search and rescue scenario, for the rapid verification of the last known position of the vessel, which is essential for the planning of any search and rescue operations.

Map of the bad weather warnings by port (Portuguese Navy)

List of Portuguese Port Authorities with contact information

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