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Updated: Apr 12

Hi Guys Some members are not in Telegram groups, so they don't get messages every time there is an attack, a sighting, etc. To be in the Telegram group, follow the steps: 1. Contact me using Telegram, you can also use the link 2. Go to to choose the links to the telegram groups. For the orcas, I recommend orcas locations and orcas discussions. The season will begin; be prepared and prepare your crews, too. For that, I created a section called education. There you can learn about the do's and don'ts, how to know it is an orca, e.g. identification There are a section that it is very important for the skipper and for the crew.

What to do in an emergency Explore the site; I updated it with some useful information. And don't forget to watch the Live Video "Let's talk about orcas with Renaud" If you have any questions, contact me via telegram, WhatsApp or mail me to Many thanks for supporting the plataform Cheers Rui #beorcasafe #supportorcaspt

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Telegram groups

If you are a member, and want to be in Telegram groups you need to send me a message using the link Send me your full name, name of boat and birth date, I need to confirm that you are

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