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The platform is now updated

Updated: Jul 4

Ahoy Sailors

After many hours of programming and using the community's experience and feedback, I developed new maps for They are more user-friendly and include new information, such as the GPS coordinates of the occurrence in the format DMM and information about the depth at the location of the occurrence.

On the Orcas. pt homepage, it is now possible to see the last occurrences, as it is possible for the user to see the occurrences by date, month, or year. There is also a list of the last occurrences.

I am convinced that this is an improvement, but you, as users of the new maps, are going to tell me. I really appreciate your feedback. If you feel that there is something on this platform that can be improved, let me know. Send me an email, contact me.

I also used the update to reduce the number of links on the front page and create a sailor corner where I will post useful information for sailors. As you know, there are some groups on Telegram only dedicated to sailing.

The platform is always trying their best to support sailors in orcas' areas.

I want to thank all the supporters, members, and collaborators for supporting this platform.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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